Mi Corazón

Formed by street patterns of her Mexico City, this work portrays one of Mexico’s most famous painters, Frida Kahlo (1907-1954). Just below her chin, is the location of La Casa Azul (The Blue House), where she lived most of her life. Unlike many of my works that combine the maps of multiple cities, this features the topography of one of the world’s largest metropolitan areas. Frida traveled the world, yet Mexico City was central to her story. The heart in her hand refers to the many she  painted, expressing challenges to her health, and her tumultuous relationship with Diego Rivera. The red lipstick in the lower left corner is Frida’s own kiss. She often left her mark on pictures and letters with bright red lipstick as a symbol of her affection. Here she kisses the map, an expression of her love for her city and country.

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