Tjaard grew up close to the Belgian border in the city of Breda, the Netherlands. He started drawing and painting from an early age. After secondary school, he studied Human Geography and Planning and International Development Studies at Utrecht University, beginning his career in the water sector after graduating with his Master’s in 2006.

At the moment, his main goal is not to work towards a specific style but to let the mood determine the style, colors and method. His subjects are mainly landscapes and people depicted in bright colors. Important themes include the human geographical location and maps, given his professional background in GIS. Blue grass and new American musicians help him concentrate during the creative process.

Tjaard finds inspiration in historic art movements and the individuals whose creativity shaped their time including Frantisek Kupka’s diverse painting style and the bright impressionist colors of Claude Monet.

In line with his culture’s long history of painting, Tjaard’s family has always been a fruitful source of afflatus, extending back multiple generations.

As a child, his mother’s father taught him different etching techniques. This same grandfather was a prolific oil painter and charcoal model drawing artist. Other talents in the family include many painters, sculptors, woodworkers, fashion designers, potters, writers, teachers, sound and filmmakers.

In 2008, he and his wife moved to the USA where he worked as a Planner for the State of Wisconsin. During his time in the Driftless Area, he served on the Board of the Rountree Art Gallery. The couple moved back to Chicagoland in 2011 and they currently live in Evanston, Illinois.

His work background is in Mapping, Urban Planning, Water Management and Economic Development. Next to work, he enjoys cooking, travel (especially here) and being an active Board Member of the Dutch Club Chicago.

Upcoming Exhibitions

To be announced!

Past Group Exhibitions

2019 (November) – 2020 (January), Rembrandt Leeft! (Rembrandt lives!), BplusC, Het Leidse Volkshuis, Leiden

2019 (July -September), Lang Leve Rembrandt (Long Live Rembrandt!), Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

2019 (June – July), Voorbij de Atlas (Past The Atlas), Princenhaags Museum, Breda

2018, De Boom van Mondriaan in de tuin van oom Cent van Gogh/ The tree of Mondriaan in the garden of uncle Cent (Based on the tree Vincent van Gogh planted in the garden of his uncle Cent), Princenhaags Museum, Breda

2016 (28 May – 5 June), Van Gogh Leeft! (Van Gogh Lives!), Van Gogh Brabant, Van Gogh Kerk (Church), Etten-Leur, The Netherlands

2015 (May 17 – 28) – Vondel CS, Vondel Park – Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

2015 – Vincent Vincent Vincent Art Exposition at the Museum of Princenhage, The Netherlands

2015 (November – January) – The Museum of Breda

2015 – Huis van Wijngaerde (The old house of Vincent van Gogh’s grandfather in Breda), during the Cultural Winter Expo in Breda and Cultural Night in Breda.

Past Solo Exhibitions

2015 – Annual Dutch Art Fair (ADAF), Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2015 – Van Kemenade & Hollaers (bookstore), Breda, The Netherlands

2015 – Onze Lieve Vrouwe Kerk c.q. De Grote Kerk (The Big Church), Breda, The Netherlands. During an orchestra dedicated to Vincent van Gogh, called ‘Palette de van Gogh’, which included pianist Jan Vayne.


2015 (May) – “Vincents Geochromatic Pilgrimage” made it to the chosen group of 20 leading up to the final selection out of 3700 entries of the Vincent van Gogh Art Competition organized by AVROTROS, one of the main Dutch Broadcast Networks.

2015 (September) – “Vincents Geochromatic Pilgrimage” was projected with a beamer during the festivities of the opening of the Van Gogh Museum‘s new Art wing.

2015 (October) – “Vincents Geochromatic Pilgrimage” made it to the chosen group of 125 leading up to the final selection out of 4500 of the ‘Paint like van Gogh’ Art Competition organized by the Museum of Breda .

Published in

2015, Princenhaags dagblad (local newletter), Princenhage, Breda, The Netherlands

2015, Dagblad de Stem (regional newletter), Breda, The Netherlands.

2015, Nieuwsbrief Vincent van Gogh Huis Nuenen, Nuenen, The Netherlands

2015, Twitter, Vincent van Gogh Church, Etten-Leur, The Netherlands


2015, designed a Wine and Cremant logo for the Princenhaags museum for the Vincent Vincent Vincent Art Exhibition and local Wine store. This Cremant is also sold in the Van Gogh Church in Etten-Leur. (see below)


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